Our spectacular Duinrell campsite is located only a short walk away from Wassenaar itself, where families can enjoy a huge mix of activities, including taking to Duinrell theme park, Tikibad (one of the most spectacular water parks in Europe).

A brief walk into Wassenaar and tourists can find cultural highlights such as the Louwman or Voorlinden museums, fantastic family seafood restaurants, high-quality shops and hundreds of other unique exploring opportunities for visitors to this 'best of both worlds' getaway. 


Duinrell amusement park
Near Amsterdam
Cycle routes


Wassenaar, Volendam

Hidden Gem: Volendam

An isolated fishing village with a bustling harbour, many shops, cafes and restaurants. Volendamn's traditional costume is one of the best known examples of ancient clothing in Holland.

Wassenaar, Van Gogh, Museum

Old Favourite: Van Gogh Museum

See the world's largest collection from one of the most famous artists Vincent Van Gogh, at this museum in Amsterdam which holds over 200 paintings and 600 drawings.

Wassenaar, Bakery, Pancake, Local cuisine

Local Cuisine: Pancake Bakery

Located in Central Amsterdam is the world famous Pancake bakery. Serving up over 75 different pancake flavours ranging from sweet Dutch pancakes to Thai curry. You are sure to find toppings to suit everyone's tastes.

Wassenaar, Amsterdam

What to See & Do: Amsterdam

You can head into Amsterdam for a full day out, maybe take a boat ride through the capital city of the Netherlands. Take in the views, enjoy a drink, and soak up the atmosphere!
Wassenaar, Uitmarkt

Festivals & Events: Uitmarkt

Celebrating the official opening of the Dutch cultural season, this event holds exhibitions, workshops, concerts and many book markets and is all free of charge so is not to be missed!

Wassenaar, Duinrell

Beaches & Lakes: Duinrell

There's a beach just 3 miles away! With some local shops for afternoon lunch and if you fancy your hand at sailing, there's a school on the beach where you can master the waves.


What's the weather like in Holland?

The towns and cities around Duinrell see a mild maritime climate helped by the warm air of the Gulf Stream. This means that average temperatures when visiting during the summer months are around 20 degrees, which sits at the right side of pleasant when walking or cycling within The Hauge close to the campsite. 

Where is Wassenaar?

Part of The Hauge in the province of South Holland, Wassenaar, a walking distance from Duinrell, is around 40km away from Amsterdam via train, bus, taxi or car, thanks in large to the town's established public transport links. One of the most prosperous areas of the region, shopping and eating here is an event in itself. 

Where can I find the zoo during a day trip to Amsterdam?

As you're likely to visit the capital at some point during your stay at Duinrell, we want to let you know where the most important stop-offs are when it comes to keeping the kids entertained. 
We recommend a family trip to the zoo! ARTIS Amsterdam Royal Zoo is an historical zoo located in the heart of the city en-route to the Eastern Docklands. The wonders of nature (and the universe!) are brought to life alongside the metropolis, with a wide range of animals and plants on view alongside an aquarium and planetarium.