A gastronomical delight for all the family, from wine to ice-cream, pizza to pasta and it doesn’t stop there. Glorious landscapes with miles of olive groves, vineyards and hill towns stretching all the way to the family friendly beaches. An absolute must!

Romantic, rural Tuscany is everything you imagined and more. Whether you come for peace and quiet, food and wine, history and culture, or all of the above, Tuscany offers never ending possibilities. Our two campsites in the Tuscan region - Park Albatros and Norcenni Girasole Club - provide a perfect base from which to explore Tuscany. Magnificent villas standing proudly on the crest of rolling hill tops. Silver-leafed olive groves shimmering in the shade. Perfectly preserved towns each more magical than the last.

You Said

"The complex/park was amazing and very orientated for the children and safety. Enabled us to relax and enjoy the holiday." Lisa from Bristol

Your Regional Specialist Lynn

“Take your choice to be either beachside or countryside - either way you can be enjoying an incredible view over the Arno valley. The restaurants at both Albatros and Norcenni frequently top the charts of our customer favourites. If your family wants to explore the local area, you'll find a load of historic landmarks, as well as top notch food and wine."

Hidden Gem: Montepulciano

This stunning hilltop town is in the province of Siena. Starting at the Porta al Prato, the main street stretches for 1.5km uphill to the Piazza Grande.

Old Favourite: Florence

Considered by many as the birthplace of the Renaissance, Florence is famous for its history and culture and has a wealth of theatres, museums and churches.

Local Cuisine: Florentine Steak

A thickly cut steak, from Chianina or Maremmana cattle, is grilled over a wood or charcoal fire with olive oil added immediately after it's removed from the heat.

What to See & Do: Siena

Explore the fascinating, thriving Medieval city of Siena, charismatic home to the fast and furious Palio horse races which are always a treat to watch.

Festivals & Events: Luminara di San Ranieri

This annual festival is held in Pisa. Candles are lit throughout the city, with as many as 70,000 lighting up locations such as the Leaning Tower and the River Arno.

Beaches & Lakes: San Vincenzo al Mare

One of the best beaches in Tuscany and only a stones throw from Park Albatros. This clear sea and sand bordered by dense pinewoods is a hit with returning guests.