Naples is the gateway to Italy's south and benefits from a fantastic Mediterranean climate. Filled with historical sights, such as Pompeii, and picturesque towns and cities - there is a picture postcard view round every bend. Like the rest of Italy, the south has its own culinary specialities but none have become as famous as Naples' very own pizza. 

Your Regional Specialist Lynn

"If you fancy getting out and about, a drive around the rugged coastline of Sant’Antioco is really worth it. Take a picnic and stop for lunch on one of the many beaches, with the crystal clear waters they are all picture perfect. Cagliari, the island's capital is a must, highlights include the 13th Century Cathedral."

Hidden Gem: Procida

This tiny island, just a 40 min ferry ride from Naples, is packed with local colour – from the painted houses lining the harbour to the narrow streets filled with local shops and eateries.

Old Favourite: Vesuvius

Dominating the skyline of Naples is Mount Vesuvius – this still active volcano is over a kilometre high and if you feel adventurous you can even climb right up to the summit.

Local Cuisine: Pizza

Whilst you may think you have eaten pizza, you haven’t eaten real pizza until you have tried the original! No fancy stuffed crusts, or pineapple – just the classic and original Pizza Margherita.

What to See & Do: Pompeii

In the shadow of the volcano which covered this Roman settlement in AD79. Pompeii and nearby Herculaneum are beautifully preserved snapshots on Roman civilisation and well worth a visit.

Festivals & Events: Wine & The City

This festival held each year in May does exactly what the name says – celebrate the wine and urban centre of Naples. Both of which are worth celebrating… especially the wine!

Beaches & Lakes: Baia Domizia

Right next to our Baia Domizia Camping Village is a fantastic beach, with wide golden sands and also a fantastic area of grass, so you can enjoy the beach without sand getting everywhere.