Forming the calf shape of Italy’s celebrated, slender boot, the Adriatic Coast is lined with inspiring locations and features a wealth of historic monuments, castles, and National Parks of outstanding natural beauty.

The sparkling Adriatic Sea is never far away when you travel through this region, with its light and dark blues lit by the sun as it separates the Italian Peninsula from several mountainous ranges. To put it mildly, it's an incredible place to visit and swimming there is a natural joy everyone should experience at least once. 

You Said

"We had a hire car went out and about lots to see and do the weather was great." Timothy from Norwich

Your Regional Specialist Becky

“Our parks in this area are great for those with older children who crave lots of beach sports. Train links to Ravenna and the gastronomic capital of Bologna make it perfect for culture lovers; a lovely destination for city and beach fans. You can split your time between the two quite easily by hiring a car, so just speak to us for your options."

Hidden Gem: Borgo San Giuliano, Rimini

At the heart of the village, do not miss the church of San Giuliano, with the seventeenth-century monastery set overlooking the old route of the Via Emilia. Inside the church, there is a large altarpiece dedicated to the Saint.

Old Favourite: Bologna

A medieval university town full of charm and charisma. Piazza Maggiore is a must, with its interesting architectural designs. Check out the two towers and enjoy a great buzzing place to shop, eat or just simply people watch.

Local Cuisine: Piadina

Typically prepared in the Romagna region (Ravenna and Rimini) this flatbread is made with white flour, lard, salt, and water. It's traditionally cooked on a terracotta dish for the extra special taste.

What to See & Do: Comacchio

You might want to venture out to Comacchio, a fascinating town built on over a dozen different islets, joined together by 'toy town' bridges. This little town is known to the locals as little Venice, with it's small canals that run through the town and road size bars and restaurants.

Festivals & Events: Gradisca Festival

Held in June the Gradisa Festival marks the beginning of Rimini’s 100 day long summer festival. There are parties, food, drinks, and fireworks displays to mark the occasion along the beach. 

Beaches & Lakes: Venicea

Forming the very shapely 'calf' of Italy's celebrated, slender 'boot', the Adriatic Coast is lined with splendid beach resorts, like Adriano (near Ravenna) and Vigna Sul Mar (near Ferrara).