Part of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine area of France, Charente Maritime is a historic region centered around its sun drenched beaches. 

Fans of all things nautical will welcome the chance to explore the ever-changing coastline spanning whitewashed cliffs, marshland and charming seaside resorts.

Whether you want some family bonding time spent fishing, bird-watching or taking part in active pastimes such as surfing or swimming, getting in touch with mother nature is a real draw when camping in Charente Maritime. 

With four islands in the Charente peninsula to uncover; Île de Ré's UNESCO World Heritage harbour site at Saint–Martin-de-Ré and biking the circuit of Île d'Aix are particular highlights. 


Family-friendly beaches
France's finest oysters
Home of Cognac


Hidden Gem: Saint Palais Sur mer

Great for getting around by bike or foot. There is a range of things to do such as guided walks and boat trips, so you can pretty easily spend a full day finding different beaches and walks to take.

Old Favourite: Royan

The biggest attraction to the town is the sandy gently sloping beaches loved by all making this a typical seaside area with a long promenade. Another high light to the town in the harbour where you can take boat trips.

Local Cuisine: Tomme de chèvre de l’Ile de Ré

Made by one of the few goat’s cheese producers on the Ile de Re, the rind of this cheese is washed twice a week with brine and local white wine to give it its taste.

What to See & Do: Fort Boyard

Take a boat trip to the famous former prison island which is now a regular TV and film location. It's now abandoned, but it's a haunting place to visit!

Festivals & Events: International d'Art

Held in St Palais sur Mer is a firework competition held over 3 nights starting at 10pm giving different countries the chance to show off there spectacular displays.

Beaches & Lakes: Charente

Miles of sandy beaches, excellent sunshine record, beautiful islands and vibrant restaurants, camping holidays in Charente Maritime makes for a great family vacation.


Where is Charente Maritime?

Resting just above Bordeaux on the western coast, Charente Maritime faces out to the Atlantic and stretches northwards just beyond La Rochelle. The region is named after the Charente River. 

What's the weather like in Charente Maritime?

As is the case with neighbouring Vendee, Charente Maritime enjoys a large amount of sunshine, even compared to the south of France. La Rochelle, as an example, boasts over 2,200 total hours of sun a year, while the gentle breeze along the coast in the summer and autumn seasons ensures that you rarely feel too hot.

What is Charente Maritime famous for?

If seafood is often top of your list when deciding where to dine out, then Charente Maritime should also rank highly as a holiday destination. Some of the best oysters in France can be sampled in Marennes, where shellfish farming is a key industry, while the islands are packed full of fresh fish dishes to savour. 

What is the capital of the region?

Charente Maritime's capital is the port city of La Rochelle. Dating back to the 12th century, a day trip to the old town here sees fans of medieval and Renaissance architecture in their element, with its arched passageways adding to the throwback feel.