When looking for something a little different from your family holiday, look no further than Croatia's Dalmatian Coast. 
With park accommodation near the trendy historical city of Zadar overlooking the deep blue waters of the Adriatic, you will find immaculate beaches made all the 
more appealing with the pleasantly warm weather.
Marvel at dazzling sunsets improved by the city's impressive art installations and major attractions of The Sea Organ and Sun Salutation, which work together to bring the sights and sounds of the region alive. 
If you do fancy adventuring further afield along the coast, you are spoilt for choice; Dubrovnik, Rijeka and Split are all within reach by car. 


Plenty of sun
Historic castles and medieval ruins
Picture perfect setting


Hidden Gem: Museum of Ancient Glass

Ever seen glass being blown and made into beads? If not, then why not visit this brilliant museum with fascinating demonstrations and interesting info.

Old Favourite: Zadar

Take a stroll around Zadar, one of the oldest towns in Croatia. Feast your eyes on the numerous Roman ruins and fantastic churches, every one different and beautiful.

Local Cuisine: Cevapcici

A flavour packed meat dish filled with seasoned meat, garlic and sweet paprika served with a herb infused flat bread. It’s a bit like a kebab!

See & Do: Dubrovnik

With Rijeka to the north, Zadar in the middle and Dubrovnik in the south, you're spoiled for sightseeing opportunities, with each incredibly neat and tidy city bursting with architectural jewels and colourful character.

Festivals & Events: The festival of Salt (end of August)

A true celebration of the flower salt harvested in Nin. Nin becomes one giant street market of fantastic stalls offering bath and scented salts, cured meats and much more.

Beaches & Lakes: Telasica National Park

The Telasica National Park has a cluster of 5 islands and is home to Lake Mir, whose soothing, salt-laden waters are 6 degrees warmer than the Med. The cliffs here are a joy to behold!


Where is the Dalmatian Coast?

A relatively thin coastal belt on the southernmost shoreline of Croatia, the Dalmatian Coast still packs in over 3,500 of gleaming coastline from which to explore. 

The Dalmatian Coast runs from the island of Rab to the north to the bay of Kotor in the south, incorporating 79 islands along the way. The largest city in the region is Split.  

What's the weather like in the Dalmatian Coast?

Many first time travellers to the area are surprised at just how enticing the weather can be in the summer months. 

A distinctly Mediterranean style climate means temperatures when visiting during the summer vary between the mid to high 20 degree mark, while those that like it a little hotter can expect to enjoy several beach days under 30 degree plus heat at the peak of summer season. 
If you are trying to beat the crowds and still enjoy beach days under the sun, then travelling in the months of May or September is recommended. The sea is still more than warm enough for swimming in September, while May travel is advised if you want to avoid the extreme heat.  

How far would we need to travel to get from Zadar to Split?

The distance between Zadar is Split is around 120km, with travel by car taking around an hour and 45 minutes, while alternative travel exists in the form of ferry crossings and the cheapest option of bus travel, the latter of which still only takes 2 hours and 30 minutes on average.