Having been a favoured pastime for many generations, there are fewer better activities than horse riding for offering something that guests of all ages visiting our parks an enjoy.

From campsite run pony clubs to dedicated horse riding schools onsite, we have horse riding facilities to suit riders of all abilities, as well as spectacular countryside and beach locations to admire while on horseback.


From experienced riders to kids and teens wanting to recreate scenes from their favourite cowboy films, this park has it all when it comes to horse riding activities.

With its own equestrian centre onsite for you took in horse riding or pony lessons, you will also have the chance to ride through park grounds and nearby forests for a memorable trek.

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Children over the age of three can take part in horse riding activities for all ages, with the equestrian centre found within the park well-equipped to accommodate riders of different capabilities.

Whether it’s observing your son or daughter ride a pony for the first time, or marvelling at your friend’s ability to canter across 200 hectares of Brittany’s Les Ormes, there are plenty of great memories to be made here.

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Explore the inviting greenery and gleaming sands of the Dalmatian Coast on horseback, with a dedicated horse and pony school on site offering the chance for the whole group to find a suitable horse to match their abilities.

Helmets are provided should you need them, giving you peace of mind that everyone in your party can relax and enjoy the coastal views as you take part in unforgettable trails along the shoreline.

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