Top Al Fresco Holidays for cities and sights



Many of our parks are within easy distance of some of Europe’s finest cities. Whether it’s shopping in Paris, soaking up the atmosphere of Barcelona or journeying through Rome’s thrilling history, these amazing destinations feature truly remarkable architecture, art, cuisine and vibrant culture - leaving visitors with lifelong memories.

Enjoy the best of both worlds as you spend the day in the city, before arriving back on park to either recharge your batteries or make the most of our wide range of park facilities. 

Find that bargain

Iconic shopping malls and marketplaces are a shopper’s haven. Take your haul back to your mobile home and...relax!


Something special to take home

Grab the ideal souvenir for friends and family. You could even surprise someone in your group back on park! 

Join the festivities

Experience other cultures at festivals and events in the city. You can also enjoy our entertainment programme on our campsites.

Renaissance or Baroque?

Find stunning buildings and houses spanning many periods in time. After a long day of admiring architecture, enjoy a family BBQ on park. 

Dine like kings and queens

Gastro delights await for food lovers at some of the best restaurants in the world. If you're still hungry, tuck into a tasty pizza available on park!


Uncover the past

Castles, cathedrals, walled cities and original harbours are a gateway to history. After a day of discovery, let the kids splash around in the pool on park.

Art attack

Observe world famous paintings in museums and art galleries. Let the kids express their own creative side by drawing and painting back on park.


Tick off the bucket list

You’ve seen the famous landmark selfies online, now take some of your own! Gather together in the evening back on park to admire your camerawork.