If you like some thrills and spills to go with your Al Fresco holiday, then have we got some good news for you. Europe’s best theme parks are within easy visiting distance of some of our best holiday parks – which means you get the best of both worlds. But which one to choose? 


Nearest park:  La Croix Du Vieux Pont

Disneyland Paris doesn’t really need an introduction. Be prepared to surrender to the mouse and be immersed in a world of Disney - with characters around every corner, Disney themed restaurants, shops selling everything Disney and plenty of rides based on familiar names and faces! Whatever you do make sure you go on the  ‘It’s a small world’ ride – once heard you’ll never forget the words to the most singable song in history!


Nearest parks:  La Croix Du Vieux Pont

Based around the famous French character of Asterix, this park is known for its rollercoasters. Featuring rides based on the books, this theme park can often get overlooked by tourists because of nearby Disneyland but if you like your rollercoasters and water rides this is the one to put top of the list. 


Nearest parks:  Del Garda Village and Camping, Cisano, Altomincio Family Park, Bella Italia

This is a massive theme park which offers something for all the family – from Peppa Pig Land for the smalls to impressive coaters like the Shaman and Oblivion, for those who want to get their pulses racing. If you fancy slowing it right down they even have an aquarium. Owned by the same people as Alton Towers they know how to give you rides you don’t mind queuing for.


Nearest parks:  SanguliCambrills ParkVilanova Park

The most visited theme park in Spain knows how to do fun, especially if you like your fun fast! The Furius Baco roller coaster reaches 83.9mph and features seats with nothing below or above them!!  And the Shambhala – a hypercoaster opened in 2012 - is almost as fast and features a drop of nearly 80m! With plenty of not-so-fast and water rides it is perfect for families, especially the Sesame Street area which is ideal for the smaller members of the family and those who like massive yellow birds who can talk.


Nearest parks:  SanguliCambrills ParkVilanova Park

[Warning. Contains car based puns]  A theme park within a theme park?  Ferrari Land is part of the Portaventura  but has its own distinct prancing horse flavour. Based on the world famous car brand, this park takes pole position on the list of theme parks for petrol heads. Featuring a fleet of Ferrari based rides, experiences and simulators which will drive car fans wild. There’s enough here to make everyone tyre-d! Okay, I’ll stop now…


Nearest parks:  La GarangeoireVillage le Pin Parasol, Village de la Guyonniere

If you want your history to come to life, this is the place to visit. Visit the 18th century village, wander round medieval buildings, get lost in the hedge maze, experience Christmas Eve 1916 in the trenches of the Great War and be petrified by a Viking invasion!    


Nearest park:  Duinrell

Next door to Duinrell holiday park is Duinrell theme park and best of all if you’re staying with on the campsite you can get in free to the theme park. Featuring over 40 attractions, including the best named attraction ever, the Kikkerachtbaan  - a roller coaster perfect for the whole family with the face of a frog. What’s not to like? Whilst some theme parks are better for teenagers, Duinrell really is perfect for all the family, with loads of really great rides for smaller children.