With great weather and plenty to see, you can fly there quickly and explore at your leisure. 


People used to flock to Spain simply for the weather, but there is so much more to this spectacular country than just sun. Recently, we have taken their cuisine to our hearts with Spanish restaurants popping up in our towns and tapas dishes even appearing on our supermarket shelves. 

While we may love tucking into some chorizo and patatas bravas in front of the telly, nothing beats experiencing Spanish food in their own backyard. 

Like all European countries, Spain has rules and regulations different from our own when it comes to driving:

  • Make sure you have enough fuel, because it is illegal to carry spare petrol in your car
  • Their motorways have tolls at regular intervals, so while these are often fairly quiet and the quickest routes, they can add up!
  • Unlike any UK motorway network, there is a minimum (!) speed limit on Spanish motorways of 60km/h (37mph).  

Route 1 - Tale of the two Costas and a football fan's pilgrimage from Castell Mongri to Sanguli park

Drive Time 4:05hrs - Distance - 285km  


This road trip is the tale of two Costas - starting in Brava and ending in Dorada, with the iconic city of Barcelona in between. This journey is especially a treat for all sports fans with the route taking in three of Spain’s premier football clubs. 

Stage 1 is the city of Girona, famous for its medieval Jewish quarter and cathedral - both of which appeared in Game of Thrones! It is also home to football club #1 on this route - Girona FC. 

Stage 2 takes us to the popular city of Barcelona, and whilst this route doesn’t explore the amazing architecture or food of this vibrant city, our holiday parks located in both Costa Brava and Costa Dorada are perfectly positioned as a base to make the most of the Catalan capital.

RCD Espanyol were founded in 1900 and despite being founder members of Spain’s top division, they have the dubious record of the highest number of seasons in La Liga without actually winning the title.

Stage 3 is a break from football and a chance to enjoy all the major tourist sights in the Catalonia region in one place, in miniature! Which means more sightseeing and less walking! Entrance to Catalunya en Miniatura is €13.50 (€11.50 if bought online).

Stage 4 is home to one of the world’s biggest football teams FC Barcelona and no football fan will be able to resist a tour of their famous Nou Camp stadium.

A fabulous example of the history of Spain can be found in Stage 5, the Cathedral of the city of Tarragona. The site was previously home to a temple of Emperor Augustus - showing the city’s Roman roots. There is no better place to see that history first-hand than at the spectacular Roman amphitheatre which overlooks the Mediterranean Sea.