The Eden resort takes pizza very seriously. Indeed, of the four chefs that the resort has working in its kitchen at any one time, two of them are tasked with maintaining the resort’s spectacular, exhaustive pizza menu. Indeed, their head chef Blanco is a bona fide ‘pizzaiola’, or ‘pizza master’, the term given to a pizza chef who has studied his craft long and hard and earned his crust, pardon the pun, over many years, studying alongside those who have already achieved excellence in the craft and its traditions. To be a pizzaiola is like being a Michelin-starred chef, except sumptuous doughy delights are your sole speciality. Better than a Michelin-starred chef, in other words.

The menu, in addition to being huge, is often playful or downright crazy. Some of the more eccentric styles include the Tyrolese (very much designed to appeal to the resort’s German visitors). Its toppings include traditional spicy wursten and Speck, a salty, fatty ham which is extremely popular in Austria and Germany.

And, if you are really hungry – indeed, if you haven’t eaten for about four days – you could even go for one of Eden’s remarkable ‘family’ pizzas, which is TWO FEET in diameter. So if you can imagine what a traditional 12” UK takeaway pizza might look like if it was exactly twice as wide… Well, actually, you won’t be able to fully appreciate it until it lands on your plate. The things are MASSIVE.

Eden resort owner Sandro (pictured above) is, quite rightly, very proud of the pedigree of his restaurant’s pizzas, so we asked him to pick out his five favourites, including the one he considers to be the best one of them all.


“This is your typical, basic Italian pizza, and so that’s why it’s one of the best. It’s so simple – Pomodoro and Mozzerella, nothing more. It’s one of the most famous pizzas around the world and the basis for all the other pizzas on any menu.”


“So you take a typical Marguerita and just add some salami to the top and you have an Italian favourite. What is Salame Dolce? It’s not spicy like some salami, in fact it becomes sweeter and sweeter the more it is cooked. This one might surprise you, actually. But if you’re after the exact opposite then my next recommendation would be…”


“Essentially, this is prepared in exactly the same way as the Salame Dolce but the salami is spicy. Very spicy! You should try the two together so that you can appreciate the contrast between the sweet and the extremely hot.”


“Obviously, one of Italy’s specialities is its cooked, flavoured meats and so you know you’ll be getting the very best if you go for a simple ham pizza such as this. Have you tried this one? Then you may well know that it also tastes just as good the next morning!”


“I was asked to choose my favourite one, and since I have to be photographed with it then I suppose I get to eat it as well so I went for this one, a great pizza that is a little bit different.

“So it has Gorgonzola, which is a typical Italian cheese in many ways but not necessarily associated with pizza. It has a really strong smell and a similarly strong taste. And then with that, you get salami picante, which is the very spicy kind. Put it together and you get a delicious, very salty pizza. I am a big fan of meat, like a lot of Italians.”

The pizzeria at the Eden resort offers dine-in or takeaway and is open every night until 10.30pm.