Our Top Tips for Overland Travel in 2020

Are you unsure what to do with your 2020 holiday to the Med or Adriatic? Do you have a booking with a low cost airline you aren’t sure will be operating when you are due to fly out?

Perhaps you are wondering if now is the right time to be flying at all…
No matter what your queries or concerns are around travelling further afield this summer, Al Fresco’s travel experts have the solution.

Making the switch to self-drive

Why not postpone your holiday in the Med to 2021 and switch to an overland route closer to home this year?
This way, you can still enjoy a much-needed getaway in 2020 while embracing the chance to explore a brand new destination where strict lockdown rules have been well and truly lifted.
Set off at your own pace and stop off when and where you want, with the added freedom and flexibility allowing you and your family to comfortably take in the scenic highlights of northern Europe.  

Take control of your holiday without breaking the bank

What’s more, your Al Fresco accommodation will not cost you a penny extra when booking a trip to a new park destination for the same dates, while the incremental costs of fuel, tolls and crossings will likely amount to less than you imagined.
Here’s an example of the costs of a large family car heading to the beaches of western France in the ever popular Vendée this summer:
  • Return fuel from northern England = £200
  • Return ferry off peak crossing = £50
  • Tolls on French motorways = £190
  • Overnight hotel en-route = £60
It really can be as simple as that. For just £500 in travel costs you could be sat on the sands of the French coastline with drink in hand under clear blue skies.

How to book your overland 2020 holiday and transfer flights to 2021

If the idea of switching to a shorter-haul adventure this year while postponing current plans until 2021 sounds appealing, then take a look at our handy five-step guide below and let us do the rest:
1. Act now and transfer your 2020 flights to 2021. Some airlines are already on sale for some if not all summer 2021. Our experts say the average price of the transfer is £200 for a family of four. Of course, much will depend on the seat costs, but if you act now, you’ll get the pick of the very best rates.
2. Start searching for your 2020 summer holiday to north and west France. Destinations like Vendée are highly accessible and offer fabulous, spacious beaches and total sun hours to rival the south. Surely better than joining the queues to Cornwall? 
3. Chat with our call centre to transfer your accommodation to your new French park.
4. Our advisors will plan the very best ferry or Eurotunnel prices and essential route info. Return crossings can be as little as £50 per family. 
5. Plan your route to the sun using Via Michelin - which will show all costs for tolls and enable you to plan your visits to tourist attractions while making your way to your holiday park.
Looking for more inspiration for a short-haul trip this summer? Browse all the regions across northern, central and western France that you can discover from our parks