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When booking a holiday with us, we want to make sure that every aspect of your stay is as stress-free as possible - which is where our All Points Protection Programme comes in.

Having looked at all aspects of your stay, we've come up with ways that you can feel safe and healthy on-site, while still being able to enjoy a great holiday experience.

Rest assured that our teams will be doing everything then can in the meantime, so that we can give you the fun-packed holiday you deserve.


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Social distancing, but warm and welcoming

Our check in process is designed to keep you safe, with reception areas allowing access to only one person per party. But we’re still here to help you, and we promise our level of service - and warmth of welcome - won’t change.

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Your holiday home - safe as houses

Your accommodation is your private sanctuary - inside and out. You can be assured it will be thoroughly cleaned before your arrival. We’ll disinfect all frequently touched areas, and provide disposable mattress and pillow protectors for every new guest. Any pre-ordered linen will be placed in sealed bags. Our cleaning crew will wear appropriate PPE.

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A team you can trust

Every member of our team has had additional training and will use protective equipment to maintain safety (theirs and yours). If you need help in your accommodation, we’ll always be here for you, while ensuring we adhere to social distancing measures. And you can always call us on our dedicated mobile number, any time.

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The start of your safe journey home

As always, you’ll receive a courtesy visit before departure, and on the day of departure you’ll be asked to leave your key in the accommodation, rather than having to visit reception, to minimise contact.
You may also book a check out inspection with your Rep if you want to make sure you've ticked off our Housekeeping Agreement cleaning steps. Just give us at least a day's notice.


The place - and the space - for safe fun

All our parks are ensuring social distancing is adhered to. They have introduced enhanced cleaning procedures throughout the park, including:

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Swimming pools and water parks

Water attractions (swimming pools, water slides, spray grounds etc) will be open in accordance with local safety guidelines. This will usually mean a reduction in the amount of guests allowed to use them at any one time. Sun loungers will be spaced at an appropriate distance apart.

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Catering and shopping

Restaurants, bars, take away outlets and shops will follow social distancing guidelines, so expect a similar experience at supermarkets to at home for example. Cleaning with disinfectant will take place throughout, and contactless payment will be encouraged. Restaurants will be reconfigured to create extra space, and will offer more outside dining, and take away options.

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Kids’ clubs

We’re looking at ways to make our Kids Clubs even safer, and although some activities (e.g. zorbing and face painting) will not be operating, we’re definitely not dialling down the fun. We’ll let you know about this as soon as we’ve finalised our plans. Kids’ Club activities arranged by the park will normally be available, with sessions mainly outdoors. Activities such as Mini Club and Mini Disco will still take place wherever possible, mainly in the open air, with extra attention to social distancing and safety.

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Sports facilities & activities

Sports facilities will be sanitised according to the public health and safety guidelines respected. Contact or close proximity team sports such as football or basketball may not be possible in some locations.

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