Although we’re doing everything we can to make sure you have a safe and happy holiday this summer, we understand you may be apprehensive about travelling. So until 9th July, you can transfer your holiday to 2021 online without paying any amendment fees or losing any money you’ve paid.

If you’ve decided not to travel

If you’ve decided you don’t want to travel, start your 2021 holiday search, add your chosen holiday to your basket and proceed to checkout, then enter the code: 21TRANSFER in the promo code field, and we’ll move all the money you’ve paid to your new holiday.

Please note, conditions will apply when moving your 2020 holiday to 2021, please read them carefully (under "important information" below) before going ahead with the transfer.


1) Use the holiday filtering options in the red search section at the top of the page

2) Choose your well-deserved 2021 holiday and head to the checkout

3) Enter the voucher code 21TRANSFER in the voucher code box at the checkout. A discount of £0.01 will appear once the code has been applied to show you that it has worked. Refer to our visual guide below on where to find it:


Click 'Enter Voucher Code' in the box on the left-hand side of the screen when in checkout.


Scroll to the bottom of the checkout page and tap 'Price Breakdown' in the bottom right-hand corner, then click 'Enter Voucher Code'

4) Enter your 2020 holiday booking reference in the ‘Booking Transfer’ section of the checkout

5) Select the ‘Transfer booking’ option to go ahead with the transfer  

6) You’ll get a new booking reference on your screen and an email shortly after

7) Within 14 days our team will transfer all payments on your 2020 booking over to your 2021 holiday and send you an email when we’re done.

8) You will then be able to view an updated invoice in 'Your Al Fresco' showing the payment has been transferred.


These conditions will apply when you move your 2020 holiday to 2021, so please read them carefully before going ahead with the transfer.

  • The terms and conditions of your transferred booking will apply based on the date you booked your 2020 holiday.  
  • In the event that you choose a 2021 holiday with a lower cost than you paid for your 2020 holiday, the balance will be kept on your account for future holidays.            
  • You may incur additional travel costs by transferring your booking to 2021 as we are reliant on 3rd party travel suppliers' terms and conditions in this case, but we’ll do what we can to minimise them. Please contact customerservices@alfresco-holidays.com to confirm ability to transfer.
  • Any cancellation charges currently applicable to your 2020 holiday become the new minimum cancellation fee should you choose to cancel your 2021 booking at a later date.
  • Holiday transfer option is not available for promotional bookings, only for bookings made directly with us, either online or via our contact centre.