What is a Refund Credit Note, and how does it work?

A Refund Credit Note means you can rebook a holiday with us in the future for the same price, or receive a cash refund when it expires on 31st March 2021. You will still have the same financial protection that you had with your original booking, so there is no risk that you will lose the money you’ve paid towards your cancelled holiday. This also applies to any new holiday booking you make, so that you can rest assured that should your holiday need to be cancelled or re-arrange again, you will receive the same financial cover.

How to use your Refund Credit Note:

✔ Choose the holiday you’d like

✔ Select the ‘COVID-19 Credit’ option at the payment stage.

✔ Our team will then apply your credit to your new booking and send you an email confirming they’ve done this. Please allow us 14 days to complete this process for you.

✔ And, if you choose a holiday with a higher value in 2021 or 2022, we’ll apply an additional bonus to boost the value of your Refund Credit, of up to £200.
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