PCR testing savings


We know how much you deserve a relaxing holiday this summer. We don’t want the cost of private COVID tests to get in the way of that, so we’ve introduced two testing offers for 2021:

Redeem up to £120

Order your tests through any government approved provider and we’ll cover the cost up to £120! Submit your claim through an online form after your holiday, include your receipt, and we’ll reimburse you up to £30 per person.

Save 10% on PCR tests

We’ve arranged a discount with Randox Health so you can get 10% off government approved PCR tests! Just order your kits in good time before you travel, and take the tests in the comfort of your own home.

Example cost of testing

To holiday in France
In destination antigen (lateral flow) test for anyone over 11 years of age £30pp (Chronomics)
Return day 2 and day 8 PCR tests for anyone over 5 years of age (day 8 test not required if fully vaccinated)£86pp (Randox with Al Fresco discount)
To holiday in Spain
Pre-UK departure PCR test for anyone over 12 not fully vaccinated£43pp (Randox with  Al Fresco discount)
In destination antigen (lateral flow) test for anyone over 11 years of age £30pp (Chronomics)
In destination PCR test (recommended by the DFT from 4 August) for anyone over 11 years of age £43pp (Randox with Al Fresco discount)
Return day 2 PCR test for anyone over 5 years of age£43pp (Randox with Al Fresco discount)
To holiday in Croatia
Pre-UK departure PCR test for anyone over 12£43pp (Randox with  Al Fresco discount)
In destination antigen (lateral flow) test for anyone over 11 years of age £30pp (Chronomics)
Return day 2 PCR test for anyone over 5 years of age£43pp (Randox with Al Fresco discount)

How to redeem up to £120 towards your test costs:

  • Order your tests from any provider – they don’t have to be from Randox Health!
  • After you get back from your holiday we’ll send you an email to remind you to claim your contribution
  • Fill out an online form and upload the receipt for your test to show how much you paid
  • We’ll process your claim and the money will be in your bank account within 14 days
  • Please note, the option to redeem up to £120 of testing costs is not available if your booking is cancelled, or for promotional bookings - only for bookings made directly with us, either online or via our contact centre.

Whatever the testing requirements for your holiday, we want to help take the stress out of the process:

Pre UK Departure Testing

✔ If a recent PCR test is required before you depart the UK for entry to your destination country, the Randox PCR kit allows you to take your nasal and throat swabs from the comfort of your own home.

✔ Simply return your sample straight away to your nearest Randox Drop Box or Randox Health Clinic. Alternatively, you can arrange the return of your kit via delivery or courier.

✔ Once the sample is returned, results are delivered the next day, and appropriate certification for travel is provided.

✔ Al Fresco Holidays customers will receive up to £5 off when they purchase a Randox testing kit. To pay only £43 for your Randox pre-departure home testing kit use promo code: Alfresco.
Order a UK pre-departure test kit ›

In destination testing before returning home

For the antigen (lateral flow) test that you need to take in your destination within 72 hours of your journey home, you can either find a suitable testing centre in your destination, or alternatively you can avoid the hassle of this by ordering a test to take away with you from one of the following UK Government approved providers:

You cannot take an NHS test abroad with you to use on yourself for the purpose of pre-departure testing.

Return home Testing - Day 2 & Day 8

✔ If your holiday destination is in a ‘Green’ category country or you have been vaccinated and travel to an ‘Amber’ category country (except France), you will be required to take a PCR test on Day 2 after your return to the UK.

✔ If you order your home testing kits before you fly, everything will be ready for your return.

✔ Your home samples kit can be sent to the accredited laboratory for testing, including NGS (next generation sequencing) to meet Day 2 & Day 8 quarantine requirements.

✔ To save £5 and pay only £43 for a Day 2 only Randox home testing kit use promo code: Alfresco.

✔ To save £10 and pay only £86 for a combined Day 2 & Day 8 Randox home testing kit using promo code: Alfresco.
Order a return home test kit ›

Your questions answered


When should I order my test?

It is advisable to arrange your tests as early as possible, however as entry requirements can change and/or your holiday may not go ahead, we recommend that you order testing package(s) two weeks before your holiday is due to start. If you purchase earlier, the sample testing kit has at least 6 months expiry, so you can keep it for up to half a year before you need to travel.

How do I order my home sample collection kits?

If you order a test from Randox, kits are sent out for next-day delivery to your home. As long as you order by 12pm Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays in Northern Ireland) kits will be dispatched the same day with next-day delivery. However, taking into consideration an increased load on the whole logistics network in the UK, delivery may take up to 2 business days.

Do I need to arrange a test for each person I’m travelling with?

If the country you’re visiting requires a negative test result to travel, every passenger on your booking will need to arrange a test. However, there may be exemptions, such as some countries only requiring a negative test result for adults and children age 12 and over, for example. Please check the country entry requirements for more information.

Can I use other test providers?

Of course. COVID-19 tests are available from many different providers. We’re simply recommending Randox to make it the process as straightforward and cost effective as possible.

What if I get a positive test result and can’t travel?

If you get a positive test result, you won’t be able to travel as you’ll need to self-isolate in line with the latest government guidance. We recommend you arrange adequate insurance cover for this kind of scenario, purchased at the time you book. All insurance policies vary so we recommend clarifying what cover is provided for this situation with your insurance company.

If you don’t already have cover, we've teamed up with Voyager Insurance Services Ltd, an award-winning provider of Travel Insurance, to provide insurance that includes covers you for situations where your holiday may be impacted by COVID-19. Click here for more details.

What do I do if I have a problem with my testing order?

If you chose to buy a test, your agreement will be with the third party testing provider you purchase it from. Please note, we’re not responsible for their availability, content, information, timeliness, products or services. Don’t forget to check their terms and conditions.

Please note: this offer is available for 2021 holidays.