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Loyalty Bonus 2017

It’s your chance to make holiday savings on our spectacularly sunny resorts across Europe. Our double loyalty discount rewards previous customers with a complimentary saving on your next booking! Your saving is based on the number of times you’ve booked with us:

• 5 times = was £100, now £200 until 24th May

• 2-4 times = was £75, now £150 until 24th May

• 1 time = was £50, now £100 until 24th May

To claim your discount, you must book through our call centre: 0161 332 8900. Make your booking by 24th May to benefit and, better yet, you can combine this with our current offers of up to 50% off all season for a double whammy of holiday discounts!

At Easter, you can visit beautiful parks across France such as La Vallée, Le Brasilia, Yelloh! Village Le Club Farret, and Tamarit Park to hit the beach, sunbathe, keep your young ones happy at our Kids Clubs, and take in the local sights.

Or book your May Half Term break at Croatia’s finest in CampingIN Park Umag, head to the heart of Italy at Eden or Park Albatros, or return to France at Le Pin Parasol or La Sirène. An amazing holiday is only a few clicks away, all at discount value thanks to your loyalty to us!

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