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Camping Holidays on the Adriatic Coast

Long beach of the Adriatic coast

Forming the shape ‘calf’ of Italy’s celebrated, slender ‘boot’ the Adriatic Coast is lined with splendid resorts and features a wealth of historic monuments, castles and National Parks of outstanding natural beauty.

Borgo San Giuliano, Rimini, a seventeenth centuary monastery

Borgo San Giuliano, Rimini

At the heart of the village, do not miss the church of San Giuliano, with the seventeenth century monastery set overlooking the old route of the Via Emilia. Inside the church there is a large altarpiece dedicated to the Saint.

Bologna, A medieval university town full of charm and charisma


A medieval university town full of charm and charisma. Piazza Maggiore is a must, with its interesting architectural designs. Check out the two towers and enjoy a great buzzing place to shop, eat or just simply people watch.

Gradisca Festival

Gradisca Festival

Held in June the Gradisa Festival marks the beginning of Rimini’s 100 day long summer festival. There are parties, food, drinks and fireworks displays along the beach.



Typically prepared in the Romagna region (Ravenna and Rimini) this flat bread is made with white flour, lard, salt and water, traditionally cooked on a terracotta dish.

Lynn says

“Our parcs in this area are great for those with older children who crave lots of beach sports. Train links to Ravenna and the gastronomic capital of Bologna make it perfect for culture lovers; a lovely destination for city and beach combos.”


Forming the very shapely 'calf' of Italy's celebrated, slender 'boot', the Adriatic Coast is lined with splendid beach resorts, like Adriano (near Ravenna) and Vigna Sul Mar (near Ferrara) and features a wealth of historic monuments, castles and National Parks of outstanding, natural beauty. Ideal for the family camping holiday in Italy, the rich Emilia-Romagna region at the 'top end' of the Adriatic Coast is home to the nation's 'beautiful people', who zip from hillside retreat to classic racetrack in their locally crafted supercars. Of course, Venice is the main focal point of this magnificent Mediterranean inlet, but the velvety `Blue Flag' sands and gently rippling waters are just as grand an attraction and merit further discovery, especially when the lights go down and the stylish beach bars come alive.


What to eat and drink in Adriatic Coast

The wealthy Emilia-Romagna region is understandably famous for the sublime quality of its food. With historic Bologna at its centre, you'll be spoiled for choice when it comes to hearty, meat sauces to smother your pasta. But don't miss out on the other local specialties, which will linger in your taste buds' memory long after you've left for home. Try capellacci di zucca (marrow-stuffed pasta), give the salama da sugo a go (liver sausage), the pampapato chocolate cake is pure, sweet heaven and the piadina farcita (savoury flat bread sandwiches) are a rare treat at any time of day. The area is renowned for its barbecued meats and freshly caught seafood too, followed by the intriguingly named 'zuppa inglese' (boozy trifle). As for wines, whilst not Italy's most prodigious producer, the region is well-known for its Sangiovese, Albana, and Trebbiano varieties.


What to see and do in Adriatic Coast

Who could resist a day out in Bologna, ancient University City with an artistic, trendy twist? Or the tiny Republic of San Marino, nestling in the Apennine Mountains? You might want to venture out to Comacchio, a fascinating town built on over a dozen different islets, joined together by 'toy town' bridges. For a change of pace, the Po Delta national park is a tranquil joy, crisscrossed by cycle ways, luxury residence of eels and herons dipping in and out of the reed beds. There's plenty to appeal to the traveler in Ferrara too, with its myriad medieval features, narrow vaulted streets, Palazzo di Lodovico Il Moro, the monastery, museum and more. And if you're a keen arts enthusiast, you simply cannot overlook Ravenna, a city that's bursting with Byzantine masterpieces and sparkling mosaics (you might want to try your hand at making some). Cultural centre it might be, but Ravenna's beaches also host the very latest advances in water sport activity, whilst the trendy bars and cafes are a major draw with concert-goers.