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A-Z guide of important information about Al Fresco holidays

Air Passenger Information

Certain governmental authorities have introduced a legal requirement for airlines to provide border agencies with detailed passenger information for international flights. The United Kingdom system is known as E-Borders. Passengers are required to provide Advance Passenger Information (API) in advance of travel to their airline between 6 months and 24 hours before departure. We will send you a letter within 24 hours of booking confirmation advising you on the relevant procedures applicable to you, for submitting you air passenger information (API).

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Adjacent accommodation

We will try to accommodate any special requests including adjacent accommodation but we cannot make any guarantees. You may request adjacent accommodation at the time of booking and we will notify our Representatives at the holiday parc who will do all they can to satisfy your request. This will depend on where our accommodation is located in the parc and the departure pattern of preceding customers.

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Air carrier liability

This information notice summarises the liability rules applied by Community air carriers as required by Community legislation and the Montreal Convention. Compensation in the case of death or injury There are no financial limits to the liability for passenger injury or death. For damages up to 100000 SDRs* (approximately £80,000) the air carrier cannot contest claims for compensation. Above that amount, the air carrier can defend itself against a claim by proving that it was not negligent or otherwise at fault. Advance payments If a passenger is killed or injured, the air carrier must make an advance payment, to cover immediate economic needs, within 15 days from the identification of the person entitled to compensation. In the event of death, this advance payment shall not be less than 16000 SDRs (approximately £13,000). Passenger delays In case of passenger delay, the air carrier is liable for damage unless it took all reasonable measures to avoid the damage or it was impossible to take such measures. The liability for passenger delay is limited to 4150 SDRs (approximately £3,300). Baggage delays In case of baggage delay, the air carrier is liable for damage unless it took all reasonable measures to avoid the damage or it was impossible to take such measures. The liability for baggage delay is limited to 1000 SDRs (approximately £800). Destruction, loss or damage to baggage The air carrier is liable for destruction, loss or damage to baggage up to 1000 SDRs (approximately £800). In the case of checked baggage, it is liable even if not at fault, unless the baggage was defective. In the case of unchecked baggage, the carrier is liable only if at fault. Higher limits for baggage A passenger can benefit from a higher liability limit by making a special declaration at check-in and by paying a supplementary fee. Complaints on baggage If the baggage is damaged, delayed, lost or destroyed, the passenger must write and complain to the air carrier as soon as possible. In the case of damage to checked baggage, the passenger must write and complain within seven days, and in the case of delay within 21 days, in both cases from the date on which the baggage was placed at the passenger's disposal. Liability of contracting and actual carriers If the air carrier actually performing the flight is not the same as the contracting air carrier, the passenger has the right to address a complaint or to make a claim for damages against either. If the name or code of an air carrier is indicated on the ticket, that air carrier is the contracting air carrier. Time limit for action Any action in court to claim damages must be brought within two years from the date of arrival of the aircraft, or from the date on which the aircraft ought to have arrived. Basis for the information The basis for the rules described above is the Montreal Convention of 28 May 1999, which is implemented in the Community by Regulation (EC) No 2027/97 (as amended by Regulation (EC) No 889/2002) and national legislation of the Member States. * SDR (Special Drawing Rights) is a unit of account created by the International Monetary Fund in 1969, based on a basket of the world¿s leading currencies, principally US Dollars, Euros, Japanese Yen and Sterling. Please note: In accordance with EU regulation 2111/2005 there is a community list which contains details of air carriers that are subject to an operating ban within the EU community. This list can be seen at

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Air conditoning and fans

Air conditioning is available in all of our holiday homes in Italy, Spain, Croatia, Côte D Azur, Languedoc, Roussillon and Sylvamar in Aquitaine. Electric fans are provided in all our holiday homes.

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Should you wish to amend your holiday details we are always happy to do this at any time, subject to availability. We will charge an amendment fee once your booking is confirmed,  please refer to Our Agreement for details.

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Arriving and departing from the parc

Your holiday home accommodation is available from 4pm onwards and you should aim to arrive by 10pm at the latest. We won't accept any booking which owing to ferry and travelling times mean that you will arrive after10pm. On arrival you will have to register atthe holiday parc reception first and you will be directed to our reception where your Al Fresco Representative will normally be waitingfor you from 4pm to show you to your holiday home and explain the safe useof the equipment, parc rules, facilities and so on. Please do not move into your holiday home unless you are accompanied by your representative as your accommodation has been allocated prior to your arrival. On your departure day we ask that you check out by 10.00am. See also `Late Arrivals'.

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Where barbecues are provided (see individual parc descriptions), it will be gas or charcoal depending on the individual parc regulations. Certain holiday parcs have restrictions on the use of barbecues which are indicated on individual holiday parc pages; in some parcs, use is restricted in windy.

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Barrier cards

Some parcs require additional refundable deposits e.g. for barrier cards, pool bands etc. These deposits will be held by the parc reception and will be refunded at check out.

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Booking deposit

To confirm your holiday you will need to pay a deposit of £100 per booking.

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Brochure accuracy

We publish brochures many months before you go on holiday and, as far as we know, all information is correct at time ofprinting. However, things may change after the brochure has been published. If there are significant changes or we find any mistakes, we will advise you of the latest information at the time of booking or, if you have already booked, as soon as possible. Please see 'Major Changes' in 'Our Agreement'.

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Building work

We have no control over building work or their schedules. Our overseas team keeps us informed about any building work, especially in growing resorts and we do our best to tell you about any specific work going on near your accommodation, if time allows before you go on holiday.

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Car rental

Europcar Terms, Conditions & Important Notes Insurance, CDW and THW covers your responsibility for loss of, damage, theft, attempted theft or vandalism to the car. The cover will only apply if you meet all the terms of the Rental Agreement. You may have to pay insurance excess charges towards any claim. This amount may vary by country or car group. Insurance to reduce the excess charges can be taken out where available for an extra fee, this is called 'excess waiver'. Insurance does not cover tyres, windscreens, the roof, the underside or interior of the car and towing charges. You may, therefore, be liable for damage to these items. Insurance does not cover loss or theft of personal belongings left in the car. Personal Effects Insurance covering contents of the car can be taken out for an extra fee where available. Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) can be taken out for an extra fee, but it is included in the insurance cover that we recommend (see Insurance) Deposits: On collection, you will be asked to leave a valid major credit card (NB: not debit) in the name of the main driver imprint as a deposit with sufficient credit on it to cover CDW and THW excess charges, petrol and any additional days you may have booked locally. Some larger cars will require imprints of two valid major credit cards. The cost of excess charges will be refunded to you on return of the car with no damage. The car is always delivered with a full tank of fuel. You can fill the car up before returning it, otherwise you will be charged for the amount of petrol used. Documentation: When picking up your rental car, ensure that the authorised renter can present a valid major credit card (nb. credit card must have enough credit on it to cover excess charges on vehicle), a valid passport and a full valid original driver's licence*. All intended drivers must produce a full and valid original driver's licence* in English that they have held for at least one year. Before your departure, we must be made aware of any endorsements to a driver's licence* such as driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol and negligence. Each named driver must sign the Rental Agreement. Your holiday documentation is required when you pick-up the car. *Photo-card licences must be supported with counterpart licence. A photocopy or fax copy of the driving licence will not be accepted. Additional Drivers: Additional driver charges apply for two or more drivers. You must make any additional driver arrangements when you pick up the car. All drivers must meet the age and driving licence conditions explained in the documentation section. Only named drivers may drive the rental car. Age Restrictions: The minimum rental age for all countries is 21. A young driver surcharge usually applies to drivers under 25 years. The maximum rental age for all countries is 70. A customs guide for travellers entering the UK can be obtained from the Customs and Excise National Advice Service on 0845 010 9000. Details are also available on the Customs and Excise website.
General Conditions: If you cancel your car rental at any time up to 7 days before your departure, you will have to pay a cancellation fee of £15. If you cancel your car rental within 7 days of departure, the full amount of the rental will be charged. If you break any of the terms of the Rental Agreement e.g. through negligence or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you will not be covered by the insurance. This means that you may be responsible for any costs of repairing or replacing the car and any other costs Europcar incur if the car is lost, damaged or stolen. All rentals are subject to Europcar's rental terms and conditions, which are subject to local law. Items such as garaging, petrol, parking charges and traffic fines are not included in the rental cost. Pre-bookable car rental is only available if you book more than 7 days before your departure. If you return the car late, you will have to pay extra rental charges. All cars have rear seat belts in countries where they are a legal requirement.In some cases, you may be picked up and taken to the local Europcar office to collect the car. Collection out of Eurocar's office hours may incur an additional collection charge. All taxes and fees included within these prices are correct at the time of going to press. However, taxes are subject to government policy changes. Optional Extras Infant seats and roof racks are available to pre-book; they are subject to availability and must be paid for locally.

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Childrens clubs

Parc Owned Clubs Even though we provide information about children's facilities available on holiday parcs, we have no control over their operation and it is possible that these might be different to those advertised. All children's clubs can refuse to accept or retain any child whose behaviour is considered unacceptable or disruptive, or any child who will not settle and is clearly unhappy. These clubs are operated independently and are not checked by Al Fresco personnel. It is therefore crucial that you are satisfied with the arrangements when registering at any of the children's clubs or any other childcare facility in resort. Age restrictions for parc owned children's club vary from parc to parc, please check with our Reservations team at time of booking. Most parcs host their own children's club, see individual parc descriptions for details Al Fresco Children's Clubs are available at: Sanguli, Le Clarys Plage, Château des Ormes, La Croix Du Vieux Pont, and Marina di Venezia.

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Croatian tourist tax

Croatian Tax Regulations require every departing tourist to pay tourist tax on the day of departure. This is usually charged at 1 euro per adult per day (0.50 euro for 12-18 year olds, under 12's free).

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Customer satisfaction questionnaire

Al Fresco believes in honest brochures and as well as trying to ensure accurate information throughout, we publish the views of our recent customers at the end of every holiday we ask our customers to complete a Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire, the results of which are then analysed. These scores then feature in our brochure and allow you to see how holiday parcs have fared in our customer's opinion. To help you decide upon the most suitable parc for you, we identify the criteria which our customers have indicated as the best features of the parc.

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Customer services

Al Fresco Holidays SAS, Unit 1A Warth Business Park, The Warth Centre, Warth Road, Bury, Lancashire, BL9 9NB. Email: Tel: 0844 774 1414Calls cost 5p per minute plus network extras

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A customs guide for travellers entering the UK can be obtained from the Customs and Excise National Advice Service on 0845 010 9000. Details are also available on the Customs and Excise website

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Data protection

Our Privacy Policy sets out what information we collect, how we collect it, and what we do with it.
INFORMATION Your Information This refers to information such as your name, contact details, travel preferences and special needs/disabilities/dietary requirements that you supply us or is supplied to us, including any information about other persons on your booking relating to the same ('your information'). Your information is collected when you request information from us, contact us (and vice versa) or make a booking with us. You are responsible for ensuring that other members of your party are aware of the content of our Privacy Policy and consent to your acting on their behalf in all your dealings with us. We will update your information whenever we get the opportunity to keep it current, accurate and complete.
Our Use of Your Information (1) For the purpose of providing you with our services, including your flight, holiday or insurance, etc, we may disclose your information to our service providers (who could be located outside the UK/EEA). In order for you to travel abroad, it may be mandatory (as requested government authorities at the point(s) of departure and/or destination) to disclose your information for immigration, border control, security and anti-terrorism purposes, or any other purposes which they determine appropriate. These requirements may differ depending on your destination and you are advised to check. Even if not mandatory, we may exercise our discretion to assist where appropriate. (2) We may collect and use your information for the purposes set out in our registration with the Office of the Information Commissioner, and disclose the same to our group companies for business purposes and also to companies who act as ''data processors'' on our behalf, or to our service providers operating systems or business functions on our behalf (some of whom are outside the UK/EEA). These business purposes include administration, providing services (and contacting you where necessary), customer care, service quality, business management and operation, re-organisation/structuring/sale of our business (or our group companies), risk assessment, security and crime prevention/detection, monitoring, research and analysis, marketing, customer purchasing preferences and trends, dispute resolution, credit checking and debt collection. (3) Information (such as health or religion) may be considered ''sensitive personal data'' under the Data Protection Act 1998. We collect it to cater to your needs or act in your interest, and we are only prepared to accept sensitive personal data from you on the condition that we have your positive consent. By booking with us you also agree for your insurers, their agents and medical staff to disclose relevant information and sensitive personal data to us in circumstances where we need to act on your behalf or in the interest of passengers or in an energency.
If you do not agree to Our Use of Your Information above, we cannot do business with you or accept your booking.
Direct Marketing Material (1) We may from time to time contact you with information on offers of goods and services, brochures, new products, forthcoming events or competitions from our holiday divisions and our group companies. Our websites will assume you to agree to e-communications when you make a booking. (2) You may indicate your preference regarding receiving third party direct marketing material. (3) If do not wish to receive such information or would like to change your preference, please refer to point (2) of 'Your Rights' below.
Your Rights (1) On completing our Data Subject Access Request form, you are entitled to a copy of the information we hold about you (for a £10 fee) and to correct any inaccuracies. (2) You have the right to ask in writing not to receive direct marketing material from us. If available, you can amend your previous preference on our website(s), using our 'unsubscribe e-mail' or refer to our literature containing instructions. Once properly notified by you, we will take steps to stop using your information in this way.
Foreign Controls Outside the European Economic Area (EEA), note that controls on data protection in such countries may not be as strong as the legal requirements in this country.
USE OF TOOLS/'Cookies' and Links to Other Websites If our contact and dealing with you is via our website(s), we may use 'cookies.' Cookies allow us to identify your computer but not you personally. You can set your web browser to refuse cookies. However, you may not be able to enjoy all the facilities or book via our website if you do so. However, if you also receive our email marketing, we will tailor the information we send you unless you tell us not to. This means we may use information we hold and cookies to identify your individual web site search behaviour and preferences. This will enable us to send you more personalised and relevant communications. You will be given the opportunity on every communication to opt-out of this personalisation.
We collect information relating to customer trends and patterns and use cookies and software tools to measure site usage and related information. If you are making a purchase, we may also use cookies to keep track of the transaction from one web page to another. Our website(s) may contain links to other sites not controlled by us. We are not responsible for the actions, content or the privacy policies of those websites. It is your responsibility to check the status of these sites.
Monitoring To ensure that we carry out your instructions accurately, improve our service foir security, we may monitor and/or record: (1) telephone calls; (2) activities using CCTV recording equipment in and around our premises; and (3) transactions and activities on our website. All recordings are and shall remain our sole property.
Security Statement We have taken all reasonable steps to have in place appropriate security measures to protect your information.
Changes to this Policy Any changes to this Policy will be either posted on our website, brochure and/or made available on request. Privacy Policy: March 2010.

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Distances to local amenities, airports and ferry ports are approximate and to be used as a guide only. They are calculated from the entrance of the holiday parc.

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Driving abroad

In many countries the rules of the road are different from the UK and we ask you to take extra care.

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Driving licences

Please remember to take your driving license on holiday with you. If you possess a photo card license you should take the paper counterpart as well. Drivers with old style green UK license are advised to take an international driving permit for Spain or Italy (available from DVLA in Swansea).

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Emplacement size

Please be aware that the size and location of emplacements for our holiday homes varies from parc to parc, which relates to the majority of pitches.

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Many holiday parcs employ staff to organise entertainment during high season in July and August. The programmes vary from simple sporting events to full day time and evening activity programmes with something for all the family. Please see the individual parc pages for details. On some parcs the entertainment is in the local language; others use English as well. Entertainment in low season is limited.

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Equipment damage waiver

When you book your holiday, you have an option to pay a non-refundable damage waiver of £2.00 per day. If this is not paid, an equipment deposit of £200 (250 euro) in either cash or cheque is payable in resort. This is an insurance against any accidental damages or breakages to the equipment inventory including the Games Chest where available. Any damage to the holiday home or site equipment is not covered. For security reasons, cheques are preferred.

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Exchange rates and currency

All prices include VAT on all holidays to EU countries, are shown in £ sterling and based on the exchange rate of euro 1.20. Travellers' Cheques: It's safer to carry most of your holiday money in Travellers' Cheques. They can be replaced quickly and easily if lost or stolen as long as you have a record of the cheque numbers. Not all parcs with currency exchange will accept certain denominations of Travellers' Cheques. Cash: A small amount of foreign money can be very useful when you arrive abroad, as is some sterling when you return to the UK. NB Scottish BankNotes: unfortunately these occasionally causeconfusion outsideUK should you wish to take any sterling abroad, it's probably best to take English Notes. Personal Cheques: Personal cheques cannot be used overseas unless as an equipment deposit. Credit Cards: MasterCard, Visa and other major credit cards are widely accepted abroad and can often be used in automated cash dispensers with your PIN number. Most European countries also accept Cirrus and Maestro debit Cards. Please check before travelling.

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Extra local charges

Some facilities, unless otherwise stated, may have extra local charges. These might include sunbeds, watersports, games and sports including table tennis, pool tables, mini-golf, tennis, squash, gym equipment, saunas and steam baths, safety deposit boxes and entry to disco or nightclubs.

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Where fishing is mentioned in the holiday parc description a permit is usually required and may be obtained locally.

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Fitness to fly

Air travel can cause problems such as Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) for some people with bronchial or circulatory problems who should seek advice from their GP. For further information on DVT, ask your travel agent to check TOPical. People with other conditions may need special assistance. If you have any concerns about your fitness to fly contact your doctor for advice. For further information you can either speak to your travel agent or call the Al Fresco Reservations Team: on 0871 231 3293Calls cost 10p per minute plus network extras.

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Flight baggage allowance

Flight operators baggage allowances vary and may change. Up to date information can be found on the airline's website or from the Reservations Team.

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Flight payments

If your holiday includes a flight booking then you must pay the deposit along with the full flight costs at the time of booking which is non-refundable. Passenger names on the booking must match the passenger's name of their passports or national identification card, if applicable. It is necessary for the following Additional Passenger Information (API) to be notified to Al Fresco Holidays after your flight has been booked:- Document type (passport), document number, nationality, country of issue, start and expiry dates. Subsequent changes to flights are subject to amendment fees and may also incur an increase in flight cost.

All the flight-inclusive holidays offered by Al Fresco are financially protected by the ATOL scheme. When you pay you will be supplied with an ATOL Certificate. Please ask for it and check to ensure that everything you have booked (accommodation, flights and other services) is listed on it. Please see our booking conditions for further information or for more information about financial protection and the ATOL Certificate please go to: The Civil Aviation Authority website.

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Flowers, fauna and nature

Flowers, fauna and nature described in this brochure are not guaranteed.

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Free equipment hire

Subject to availability at holiday parcs where an Al Fresco rep is resident, items in our Games Chest are available for use without charge. We offer a wide selection of games and sports equipment. However, if an item is lost or broken we cannot always replace it immediately.

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Housekeeping deposit

Housekeeping Deposit: On arrival you will be asked to pay a deposit of £50 (€60) which is refundable providing you leave your accommodation as you found it. For security reasons, UK cheques are preferred. Other arrangements on selected sites, please ask our team for details. Credit/debit card payments cannot be accepted.

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Consult your doctor or health centre for the latest recommendations. Remember, some vaccinations require a course of injections so leave enough time to complete the course.

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Your Al Fresco holiday home comes fully equipped with the following items: Outdoor Equipment: Barbecue and barbecue tool set (where permitted), 4 chairs, table, parasol, parasol base (not provided with mobile homes with a fixed canopy), 2 reclining chairs (unless otherwise stated), 2 sunloungers, sunlounger table.
Kitchen: Cooking utensils, crockery, cutlery, pizza cutter, wine glasses, cafétiere, kitchen scissors, ashtray, draining rack, dustbin, kettle. Set of plastic children's plates, knives, forks, spoons, beakers.
Bedroom: Blankets (duvet and sheets at Paris Est), pillows, electric fan. Please note that where 2 pin plug sockets are fitted in Al Fresco accommodation plug adaptors are included in the inventory. Cambrils Park Aloha Bungalows vary from standard inventory.
The following items are available to borrow from the Al Fresco reception. (Subject to availability) Iron and Ironing board, Large stock pot, Tea pot.

View example Inventory (PDF) To view this PDF you will need Acrobat reader (free download)

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Late arrivals

If you are delayed and arrive after 10pm, you may have to leave your car outside the holiday parc entrance overnight and carry your belongings into the parc. If no staff are present, you will find a message and map on the noticeboard at the Al Fresco reception. Locate your accommodation on the map, make yourself at home and your Rep will be round to see you in the morning to complete formalities

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Late booking supplement

If you book your Al Fresco holiday within 28 days of departure a £20 supplement will be added to your total holiday cost.

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Not all holiday parcs have lifeguards on duty. Please familiarise yourself with the pool depths and regulations and supervise your children when using the swimming facilities.

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Local activites

Local activities and outdoor pursuits shown in holiday parc descriptions are run by local companies and operators. Al Fresco has no involvement in these activities and is simply taking the opportunity to highlight activities that may be of interest to you. Please check your insurance documents to ensure you are adequately covered.

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Naturism is a popular French activity.Many of the beaches in France are either naturist or have a naturist area.

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Parc facilities

We show contracted months of operation of certain holiday parc facilities in the parc descriptions where information is available before the brochure goes to print. Sometimes facilities described in the brochure will be withdrawn at the discretion of the holiday parc management for reasons such as maintenance, bad weather or lack of demand. Facilities may be limited during lowseason. As we do not own the holiday parcs, such events are regrettably beyond our control and we will advise you before your departure if we are aware of any such events. Many parcs are very lively during peak times and much quieter in early/late season. This can effect the range and level of facilities that are open during the low season in and around the parcs. Height restrictions may apply on parc waterslides.

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Parc locations

Some parcs may be set on a hillside and therefore could be unsuitablefor wheelchair users and those with walking difficulties. See individual parc descriptions.

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Parc ratings

The parc ratings in the Al Fresco brochure are the official European ratings. In France and Italy they are categorised by stars with 4-star being the highest category, Spanish parcs are classed as luxury or 1st to 3rd category. Please note that official ratings reflect only the ratio of facilities to emplacements, not the location, maintenance or recreational facilities.

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Parc rules

Many holiday parcs have rules and regulations as laid down by the holiday parc management and guests are expected to observe them. Your Al Fresco Representative will advise you of any relevant information at the start of your holiday. It is often customary to take an afternoon rest locally known as a 'siesta', especially in Spain, Croatia and Italy, so keeping things quiet during this time is appreciated. During Siesta time, parc facilities such as swimming pools, shops and reception are often closed. It is also common for barriers to be closed which will prevent you from taking your car off the parc. As all parcs vary, please contact our Reservation Team for further information. Motorhomes, minibuses and campervans are not allowed on several parcs please check with our Reservations Team for details.

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Parc size

Our family holiday parks vary in size and layout. The distance between your holiday home and parc facilities could be a long walk.

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Parking on site

In most cases we try to ensure that you can park your car on your emplacement. However, as emplacement sizes vary from parc to parc this isn't always possible, and in these rare situations a car parking space will be available close by. Please bear in mind that on some parcs two cars are not permitted inside the parc, and that many holiday parcs charge locally for second cars and trailers which may have to be parked on the car park.

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Party size

A number of holiday parcs may also restrict the size of your party, and Al Fresco will not accept bookings from single-sex parties of three or more people. We also limit the number staying in each of our holiday homes for your own safety and comfort, we will accept up to six adults in our largest accommodation.

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Passports and visas

For full details of any travel restrictions, entry and stay requirements, visa and travel advice to your particular destination, visit the foreign office website and the passport office website for passport information. Validity: If you're a British citizen, you need a full, 10-year British passport for all holidays featured. Ordinarily holiday companies and the UK Passport Office suggest that passports should be valid for at least 6 months after you return. Each country, however, sets its own rules covering this, more information can be obtained from the embassy or consulate of the country you plan to visit. New passports: Be sure to leave enough time for new applications as there can be delays at peak periods. If you are 16 or over and haven't yet got a passport, our recommendation is that you should apply for one at least 8 weeks before your holiday. The Passport Service has to confirm your identity before issuing your first passport and from April 2007 will ask you to attend an interview in order to do this. You can find out current processing times by phoning the UK Passport Office recorded message on 0870 521 0410. If you hold a Commonwealth or other passport, you should phone the consulate of the country you plan to visit. Names and name changes: The name on the passport must match the name on the booking, otherwise you may not be able to travel and insurances may be invalid. If someone in your party changes name after the booking is made, you must tell us immediately so we can issue relevant documents in the new name. If you've already received documents or tickets, simply return them and we'll reissue them in the correct name. (An amendment fee may be applicable). Minors: There may be specific entry requirements applicable to minors (children under 18) relevant to the country you are visiting. In certain circumstances this may incur additional expenses and require separate/additional legal documentation such as an affidavit, executed by a notary public, where for example the minor is not accompanied by both parents. As these entry requirements vary for different countries you should always check with the relevant Consulate/Embassy of the country you are intending to travel to prior to booking. Failure to do so may result in you being refused entry/carriage. Visas: Some countries have special rules about passports and visas. You should check with your travel agent or Al Fresco for full information. If you hold a non-EU or non-EEA passport, you should call the consulate of the country you plan to visit for advice prior to making any reservation.

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Some holiday parcs allow pets on-site. Regrettably, we are unable to accept bookings from customers wanting to travel with pets.

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Please note that prices are in £'s. Prices are current when you book and may vary up or down from those listed. Please see your travel agent or ask our Reservations Team for the most up to date prices. The price shown on each parc description is for the provision of accommodation and holiday parc facilities. See section 2 of 'Our Agreement with You' The Price You Pay. Prices on this website are valid only for holidays that return on or before 31st October 2015. Please refer to section 2 of 'Our Agreement with You' for important information about your holiday price.
What's included in our brochure price:A return Dover - Calais or Dover - Dunkirk low season midweek off peak channel crossing for one standard vehicle and up to 9 passengers, at nil supplements is included in 2015 Al Fresco holidays but excludes insurance and additional travel supplements and additionanl extras. Ferry crossings must co-incide with the dates booked in accommodation. If you wish to travel on a different day, route or with a different operator, additional supplements will apply. Additional passenger and vehicle supplements are available on request. No reduction in price is applicable if this travel option is not used. Minimum stay 7 nights. Subject to availability.

Accommodation as shown on your holiday invoice (or any final invoice issued).

The services of an Al Fresco Club Kids Club Rep if your holiday parc has a children's club organised by Al Fresco.

VAT on all holidays to the EU. The services of your Al Fresco Representative/s on selected parcs.

What's not included: Holiday insurance (which you must have).

Travel supplements (except those mentioned above).

Any supplements for pre-bookable extras.

Charges for other facilities at your holiday parc e.g safety deposit boxes, sauna, sports and equipment.

Equipment Damage Waiver.

Reimbursement to holiday parc owners for any damage to their holiday parc.

Charges made for Baby Packs.

Reimbursement for any non accidental damages to your holiday home.

Any discounted holidays offered could affect the holiday package offering. Please check with our Reservations team when booking.
Price Guarantee The price of your accommodation is fully guaranteed, with no surcharges. This means that once you have made your booking and paid a deposit, the total cost of your accommodation will not go up unless of course you make an amendment to your booking.

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Our Price Promise

If at the time of booking you find the same holiday from a competitor, namely Keycamp, Eurocamp, Canvas and Siblu, at a lower price, then simply give us a call. We will try to match their price whenever our availability permits and when the holiday details are the same. Competitor availability must be verified by an Al Fresco employee. Cannot be combined with any of our offers e.g. loyalty bonus, early booking or groups discount. Our Price Promise is only applicable at the time of booking. Same holiday details means the same parc, departure date, duration, same travel options, extras and facilities. The holiday of the competitor must be available at the time of booking.

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Quiet rule

At peak times such as mid July to August some parcs can be lively, but most parcs have a 'quiet rule' which usually starts between 10pm and midnight and generally ends at 7am.

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Highly trained holiday Reps are working constantly behind the scenes to make sure your holiday goes smoothly. They are familiar with both the local area and your accommodation and will be happy to provide information about activities and offer any assistance necessary. On I Pini and Cambrils Park the service is provided by designated English speaking campsite personnel.

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Roadside assistance

For further information please call Al Fresco reservations 0844 774 1414*Calls cost 5p per minute plus network extras.

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Safety first - your health and safety

It is important to remember that safety and hygiene standards in many countries differ from those taken for granted at home. Mobile Home holidays Accommodation: We have taken advice from the UK's leading health and safety organisations on issues that concern you and have built your mobile homes to a minimum of the EN1647 standards. We're setting new standards for mobile home safety with the specification of external room-sealed gas water heaters, carbon monoxide detectors, toughened glass in all windows and door guards fitting across the decking. Health and Hygiene: We promote good hygiene practices within the holiday parcs, but the hygiene standards in some countries may differ from those in the UK. Consult your GP before booking if you have any concerns. Swimming Pool and Beach Safety: The pool in your holiday parc may not have a lifeguard. It is therefore important to remember, especially when travelling with children, to take a few minutes to familiarise yourself and your party with the pool area on arrival. Please pay particular attention to note the pool depths and pool rules. Children must always be accompanied by an adult in the pool, including children's pools and surrounding areas and at all other times. Familiarise yourself with any flag warning systems that may be in operation on local beaches, and take account of the local conditions. Road Safety: A high proportion of the accidents that are reported to us are road accidents. In many countries the rules of the road are different from the UK and we ask you to take extra care. Children's Safety: Naturally the safety of our younger holidaymakers is of paramount importance. We take advice from leading UK child safety organisations and accident prevention agencies, to ensure that standards are as high as possible. Parents should check that they are happy with any parc operated clubs and children's facilities, including playgrounds. Excursion Safety: We work with excursion suppliers to ensure they operate to appropriate safety standards. Whilst every care is taken with those activities that we recommend, should you independently choose to use an alternative supplier this will be at your own risk. Scuba Diving: We strongly advise those planning on taking scuba diving training have a full medical examination in resort (which may be at an extra cost) and to consult your GP before going on holiday. If you have been diagnosed with asthma or suffer from breathing problems, you are strongly advised to consult your GP before leaving the UK about your intention of undertaking scuba diving. It is dangerous to fly less than 48 hours before or after scuba diving due to changes in pressure which may result in 'the bends' or even, in severe cases, paralysis. Al Fresco's recommended insurance will cover you for dives up to a maximum of 30 metres if you are a qualified diver, or as a beginner accompanied by a qualified dive instructor. You will not be covered by Al Fresco recommended insurance if you dive alone. If you do not take out Al Fresco recommended insurance, you must ensure you have adequate cover through your chosen insurer.

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Satellite TV

Many holiday parcs have a TV in the bar or games rooms. Programmes will usually be in the local language, although English language satellite channels may also be available. Channel selection is by the parc management, however, most main sporting events are usually shown.

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Smoking rules

Please be aware that some holiday parcs may operate a non-smoking policy in at at certain on-parc facilties, restaurants and bars. Smoking is not permitted in any mobile homes.

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Special needs

Let us know in advance if you require any special arrangements. Facilities for customers with special needs will vary from parc to parc, please ask for details.

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Sustainable tourism

We all love our holiday time, and at Al Fresco we believe future generations should also be able to enjoy visiting destinations, wildlife and environment in years to come. Al Fresco is committed to operating our family camping holidays in a way that is sustainable for the people, communities and wildlife that live and inhabit the countries and resorts we take you to.

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At many holiday parcs conventional swimming trunks and not shorts/bermudas or T-shirts must be worn in the pool. We recommend that customers take swimming trunks on holiday instead of swimming shorts. Due to French hygiene regulation, holiday parcs will refuse entry into their swimming pools if customers do not wear swimming trunks. Some parcs also insist on bathing caps being worn in the pool and forbid the use of sun oils and creams. See individual parc descriptions for a guide.

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Towel and bed linen

Pillows and blankets are provided. Towels and bed linen are not provided. Linen packs consisting of sheets, pillow cases and towel/s are available for hire on all holiday parcs. These must be pre-booked outside 4 weeks of departure. Beach towel hire available on all parcs. Beach towel hire is available on all parcs at £8 for a pack of two.

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Taxi and coach transfers are not included in a Al Fresco holiday. However, transfers can be arranged for selected parcs.

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Travelling in a second vehicle

If you decide to travel in two vehicles you are required to pay a non-refundable charge of £100 for the second vehicle plus relevant ferry supplements, at the time of booking. There may be a local charge payable at some holiday parcs for parking a second vehicle on-site.

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Travelling to your holiday parc

Please ensure that you allow sufficient time for your journey to holiday parcs, airports, ferry ports, hotels etc. as this is your responsibility. Al Fresco will not make refunds for unused accommodation or missed pre-booked travel. However, in circumstances of illness, breakdown or unavoidable delay your holiday insurance policy may provide cover if you fail to arrive at the holiday parcs or travel departure points on time.

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Washing and drying facilities

There is usually a charge for washing and drying machines at holiday parcs.

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Weather guides

Temperatures and hours of sunshine on the country/region introduction pages are average figures in degrees Celsius and are given as a guide only.

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Yelloh! Holidays parcs

Yelloh! Village is a consortium of independently-owned holiday parcs dedicated to offering high quality and service standards.

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